Sunday, 1 July 2012

Secure your WiFi from Snoopers


Once upon a time people are hesitated to use internet on wireless networks but now every one is using wireless network.These wireless networks may provide you faster access to internet than the wired network,but are they providing the more security compared to wired network?

No wireless networks can be easily hacked than the wired network then what to do in order to save your security on wireless network?
Here is a solution to provide security for your wireless network.
Have you ever wonder that your internet bill was more than the actual bill accessed by you. This might be  because of the unknowns who are able to access your internet connection if your are using wireless router to access the internet then you should immediately change the password and some settings to safeguard your network.
Now here is a basic tutorial for you first you need know which type of internet connection was installed  in your premisses i.e PPPoE,DHCP,Static. Don't panic if you don't know which type of internet connection in installed in your premisses you can find your connection type like this follow these steps:----
  1. Right click on the Network icon (in system tray)
  2. Open Network and Sharing
  3. Now click on th option"Change adapter settings"
  4. Now you be able to see the connected networks
  5. Right click on the connected network
  6. Now choose "properties"
  7. There you can see some thing like this IPv4
  8. or any other internet protocol version
  9. Double click on that an note down all the values
  10. IP address,subnet mask, and gateway 
NOTE:------ that some Routers need to restart for every step before proceeding to next step

Setting the Router:

Once the router is connected to the network enter the noted io address in any of the internet browser
to configure the settings of the Router 
If the given tip dosnt work then refer to the Routers manual how to configure the settings

Step 1:--- Changing the Routers password

Now click on Administrator and navigate to the "Management"  where you can change the password of the router choose a difficult password to guess and use some special character in your password which makes your password more complex.

 Step 2:----Configuring your connection

  • Now navigate to the option"Setup"
  • Here you need to change your connection depending on your connection.
  • If your connection is using automatic ip address you need to change it to "Automatic configuration DHCP"
  • If your not using "Automatic ip address " you need to change to "Static" 
  • And enter the settings you saved before.
  • And if your are using PPPoE connection you just need to select same from the drop down menu
     and enter the username and password provided by the Internet service provider. 

Step 3:--- Securing your Router from Hacks

Now switch to "Basic settings" and Leave the network mode "default".
Change the ssid name this is used to identify your network
And now change the password don't ever choose wep password as it is very easy for the hackers to get access to your connection!
There fore use "wap2" mode of password .
Now leave the encryption type by default and enter the password more than 8 letters and less than 13 letters with at least two special characters in your password.


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