Monday, 13 August 2012

Convert Powerpoint Sildes into Youtube Videos

Converting your PowerPoint presentations into Video is so easy by simple trick.
You can upload converted  Video to the YouTube and all other services......You can even burn the to DVD to see the video in the DVD or CD player.........You can even enjoy the presentation in your mobile too in video format...

Let us see how to convert the PowerPoint slide into video.........

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  • You need not to get the latest version of Microsoft Office..
  • First get ready with your PowerPoint Slide....
  • And then the MicroPhone(if you want to record the Voice too)
  • Now open your PowerPoint File 
  • And switch to the Slide Menu and there you can see the option of "record slide show"
  • Then wait for Some time.....till you see the message

    Computer interent and blogging tricks
  • Now go the AutoStream 
  • and sign in and upload the file to it.
  • And wait for some time because it is not a immediate process 
  • When the conversion is completed the link will be sent to your e-mail
  • From where you can download the converted file......
  • Instead of using the autostream you can also use the Camstudio for this purpose....


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    1. Thanks..... How long did you wait for the Download Link from autostream

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