Friday, 3 August 2012

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile


 Downloading The YouTube Videos into Mobile

As the there is a dramatically increase in the usage of the Mobile Phones to Browse the Internet and downloading the files i came with the post that how to Download the YouTube videos into the mobile phone.It is so easy to download the YouTube videos into mobile
from the method i am going to show you below......
First you need to get the Video Url from the YouTube You can simple get this from the mobile it self all you need to do is to go ti the video which you want from the Mobile YouTube site...
i.e from here m,
After going there you select the link of the Video in the YouTube It look something like this
After selecting the link you need to make some light changes in the link it is so simple all  you need to do is to replace m. with ss
for example like this 
After entering this Link you will be redirected to another web service which helps you to download in the format you want into your Phone


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