Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to Download Facebook Videos Online For Free

Facebook a well know website for kids and even Grannies. Almost all of them have facebook account the main reason that people got addicted is the features it offer you can chat,share pics,videos and all other stuff at one place.
Image Credits: All Tech Tricks
Generally if we like any post we share it. If its more interesting we love to download that but here comes some problem you can easily download the image by right click and then save image but when comes to videos? you cant find this option as default.

cool buddies i have solution for this now you an download any video you want form facbook for free. now you can ask me we use some softwares to download videos but i found that most of softwares are not able to find  videos in the facebook.
so here i listed the best way you can download facebook videos for free

Online way to download Facebook video:

  • Copy the URL of the page which contains video
  • now go here Download video
  • Paste the URL in the space provided and click download

  • Now you can find just like below screen capture.Now move your cursor on two download button and right click you can find save link as just click save link as. that's it your video will download automatically!

Download Using Browser Extensions:
Suggestion if you download videos regularly you  can use Extensions if not Go for Online way to download facebook videos.

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  1. Awesome Vinay, this looks easy! Have you been using this way for a while now?