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Privacy Policy of SprinkleRk  

[updated on 18/08/2014]

I take Privacy policy of my blog readers so seriously. If you have any doubts and suggestions you can contact me though the contact form or by mailing me sprinklerk78[@]gmail[.]com

Log Files:

I make use of Google Analytics and Cookies to Store some information about the visitor of my blog to serve the visitor with great content and these cookies can also be used in-order to display the advertisements for tracking the clicks and other information ( Do contain any sensitive information about the visitors)

About your Privacy:

I take the privacy of my visitors very seriously. I never share any sort of information related to my visitors which can harm their privacy at any cost and at any circumstances. 

Disable Cookies for your privacy:

If you still do not trust me. About your privacy, You can simply disable the cookies in your browser, and enjoy reading my blog! :-).

Cookies used by Google Advertising:

The cookies used by the Google and other Google Affiliated Partners have their own Privacy Policies. SprinkleRk do not take any part in making any type of change in these cookies.For further information on Google's Cookies you can refer Google's Own Privacy polices from Here
If you don't want to share any type of information with us you can browse my blog by disabling the cookies on your Browser.

updated on 18/08/2014

Note: We do not copy any article from any where and we don't want others to copy our content. please don't violate our copy righted material, without our permision.


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