Friday, 20 July 2012

What are Disadvantages of the Hacking Android Devices

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We all love our smartphones and enjoy with them. To enjoy more some people take the option of "Rooting" there devices. If you are also planning to root your device then have look at these disadvantages before "Rooting"


Google is not fond of the people who indulge in rooting there devices.And it is the fact that they have recently blocked the rooted devices from using the video rental service from Google Play.
And they don't even have legitimate access to the services.

Apart from all these there are some critical issues related to your security, and about the functionality of the of your device.
With the popularity of the Android OS in market there is a increase in the smartphones and as well as malicious programs waiting for the rooted mobile to get in and steal your personel data and then giving your loved smartphone's control to the hackers.
And there are also some rooting software waiting for your to install the hacking software while rooting your device.


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