Monday, 3 September 2012

Enjoy Free Five Calls Per Day

This is a coolest app i have never seen before......This service has become my favorite for providing free calls to any where in the world with out disclosing your identity to the receiver...i love to use this service to call all my friends and my family members.If  you too want to enjoy the five free calls per day then start reading this post....

Getting Started To Enjoy Free Calls:-

You can enjoy daily five free calls of each call 10 mins(later it will be disconnected) to any where in the world without any registration, you don't need any credit card to register to call.You just need to verify  your e-mail to access your five free calls a day.......

Features of CrowdCall...

  • Crowdcall allows you to connect to 20 members in a single call conversation.
  • You can even choose how you want to call to your friends in two ways via your Browser and Via Your Own Mobile
  • As per my experience Calling via Browser will connect immediately  with out any delay
  • And you can also add the friends in LinkedIn and Google+
  • The wonderful service is that it will allow you to make the schedule Calls 
  • You can get crowd call app to top Mobile OS like "Android" and "iOS" 
  • And You don't need the Other person(to whom you want to call ) to install the App in his/her Phone.
  • When they receive your call they will be asked to press 1 to connect the call.
  • And the main thing is that call quality was excellent 
  • And it supports 40 Countries.
  • And make sure that you add the country code before the mobile number as it is necessary as you even call to domestic calls 
Start Enjoying Calls From Here

And Free calls from Rebetel:


Rebtel is also a service which will allow you to call anyone in the world for Cheaper rates than Skype......I am personally using this service  
Rebtel allows you to earn money to make calls by referring your friends! Yes you will be credited 10$ for each refer and you can use the Coupon code "Student100%" which will credit you 10$ when you credit your account with 10$ for the first time...

Rebtel allows you to make unlimited free calls from your Smart Phone to the Other Rebtel Users using the App in Smart Phone.....It also supports Desktop with Desktop app..... and Windows mobile app

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  1. In which process i can call world wide on cheap
    rate? Computer Tips

  2. I want to know how to make call india from uk to india with best possible calling rates.
    Can anyone suggest me something?