Sunday, 2 September 2012

Update Your Facebook Status from any Device

You might have seen some Facebook updates from your friends that they have updated their status "Via iPhone" and "Via Nokia". This is because your friends are updating their status from there devices.But do you want to update from the device of your own choice then this is the right place for you to update your status

Update Via with your Choice:

  1. Update from Nokia Device from here
  2. Update from Blackberry Device from Here
  3. Update from iPhone4s Device from Here
  4. Update from iPhone4 Device from Here
  5. Update from iPhone3 Device from Here
  6. Update from iPhone2 Device from Here
  7. Update from iPhone1 Device from Here
  8. And Finally promote My blog by Updating from Here


  1. Facebook is the best way for advertising website. So it is needed to update facebook fan page daily. For this reason your post is so much useful. Computer Tips helps to keep update your software and knowledge on different tips.

  2. all ur blogs are so good and useful . where do u get the info :)

  3. Hi Tarun Nice to see you again on my blog.

    Small correction bro. I don't have any other blogs and I even don't blog any where else...This is the only blog where I blog on tech related stuff.bro.