Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Delete the Undeletable File or Folder

foldersHave you ever come acrossed  the situation that when you want to delete a specified file or folder but windows is not going to do that...and saying some words that "Access had been Denied" or "File is in another Use".....We can deleted the Undeletable files in multiple ways...the best and common method is terminating the explorer.exe 

Before Deleting any file we need to kill the running process of that file or folder...This can be done by Terminating the process or service in TaskManager..If you could not find the process and services related to the undeletable folder....You can just terminate the explorer.exe in TaskManager under "Process" Tab...After terminating the explorer.exe then you can again restart explorer.exe by creating the "New Task"....and type the explorer.exe in "create new task" 

 Best way to delete the Undleteable file or folder from Computer:

Here is a best way to delete the  Undeletable file or folder from using the simple softwares 


when you have completed installing the file on your computer you can see the option "Unlocker" when you hit "right click" on specified folder or file and choose the unlock option...and continue...
Portable version of this app is also available it is of size 738kb.....


It is also a best tool to delete the files and folders on your computer which are not being deleted....You can even get the portable version of the app.It is a small app of 164kb...


This app is also very useful to delete the files and folders...The only thing is that portable version is not available and the size is too big(1.3MB) when compared to the above softwares.....
All the above specified apps are available in 32 bit and 64 bit....

You can get all the softwares from the download links given below:
Note when these programs are unable to delete a file or folder on your computer.You can manually delete the files by terminating the services or process from the task manager that is stop from deleting the.You can know the service or process id from the above programs


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