Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How to Access the Blocked Sites on Android

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Accessing the Blocked sites on the Android is made simple and easy with the a simple android browser Proxy browser.....It is third party browser for the Android mobile to Access the Blocked content on the Internet...You need to make any changes and need to get the help of any geek to access the Blocked content on the
Internet....This Proxy Browser lets you to access any type of website on the Internet....You can access the Facebook,Twitter,YouTube and many other blocked content....
This app is absolutely free of cost....
Features of the Proxy Browser:
  • Proxy Browser lets you to surf the Anomalously over the web
  • It can Hide your IP Address
  • This Browser offers three proxies(Two for the Best Performance).....
  • And This is not going to store all your browsing history....
  • The only drawback is that this does not support video play back option
DOWNLOAD LINK: Proxy Browser
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  1. You can use Hotspot Shield VPN ( ) on your android device to access blocked sites.

  2. Thank you @google-c2ef209fcf2657e144e21ac1681eb1a1:disqus for sharing your experience with HotSpot