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How to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Often when we start to get our hands on traffic for our website or blog, then mostly we face a negative reaction from search engines. Getting targeted traffic from Search Engines in not an easy job. As you know that traffic works like fuel for all online websites or blogs and it is very
important to get it somehow. Search Engines are not only ways to get traffic to our website or blog; there are several other ways by which we can get a load of targeted traffic for our website or blog. In this article we will discuss those ways, by which we can achieve targeted traffic for our website or blog.

Proper Keyword Research:

Keywords are very important to any website or blog’s success. You can use free keyword research tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or premium keyword research tools as well. You should choose low competition keywords, because it will be easier to obtain top results for low competition keywords than the keywords that have too much competition. Try to collect a list of 100 or more keywords and then focus on just a few in each campaign.

Submit your Contents to Social Media:

The most important source of getting targeted traffic is Social Media. Share your contents on Social Media sites as much as you can. Create pages about your websites and blogs on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and many others. Share each and every link of your website or blog to famous social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Digg, Google Bookmarks, Pinterest etc because these sites have millions of users and these users will be your visitors. Daily spend 1 to 2 hours on these sites and make relation with people do like and follow their blogs and pages and invite them to yours. Keep your pages update regularly on daily basis.

Guest Posting or Guest Blogging and commenting:

Blogs are a great source of traffic. Write guest posts for quality blogs and add one or two links of your website or blog in your article. In this way you can get a huge amount of traffic.
With commenting on other blogs, you can get good back links. But it does not mean that you start commenting blindly on every blog, just find blogs according to your interest and with good page rank and then start commenting.

Forum Marketing:

Through forum marketing we can get decent numbers of traffic. Although you cannot get thousands of visitors through forum marketing, somehow this will work for you. Just pick 2 or 3 forums according to your keyword or niche and register your account there and add your website or blog links in your signatures or write a post on these forums and add your links in post. But keep in mind one this that “excess of everything is bad” and don’t start joining forums blindly. Just pick 2 or 3 quality forums which have good number of people registered there and then join forum. Before posting your link to these forums you must have to read rules and TOS of these forums.

Advertise your Website or Blog:

There are two ways of advertisement; one is online advertisement while other is offline advertisement. In online advertisement we can take various services available online such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and PPC Program etc. Another way of online advertisement is link exchange. We can place our blog or website link to other quality blogs or website after paying them.

In offline advertisement you can even submit your ads in newspaper, radio or local television or you can use yellow pages. SMS and Email marketing are also good source of traffic.
I hope this article will help you to get targeted traffic to your website or blog. We describe most common steps and there are also many other ways to get quality traffic. If you have any suggestions or any points which we have left then please share with us by your comments.

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This Post is written by Adnan Shahid. He is a Designer & Blogger. He writes about SEO, Blogging, Technology, Apple and Android at TechFabler.

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