Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Add Pattern lock to Windows 8 and Windows 7

In one of previous post i have said about the locking with face recognition Now I had come with the Pattern Locking. 
 Pattern Locking System had become very common in these days to every one because of Smartphones. These had changed the way of traditional locking system on mobiles i.e locking with some password codes. These pattern locks are now slowly entering into the Computers on different Operating Systems. Here are two such Pattern Locking Softwares which can enable you lock your
computer with different patterns.

Here are Two Patterns Locking Softwares:-

1) XUS PC Lock

2)Eusing Maze Lock

First We shall have a look at XUS PC Lock

XUS PC Lock is a funny and powerful locking software. As soon as you install this software on your computer you will be promoted to define the pattern to unlock your computer.
XUS-LOCK-for Windows

Now you can select pattern of your wish in three different Squares of 3x3 4x4 and finally the 5x5.
By default your lock will be set to "Z"   pattern in all the points. You might get doubt that how to draw the pattern on screen to unlock. Here you can use your mouse to draw your pattern to unlock your computer. After defining your pattern lock. You have the facility to backup the pattern lock to your computer.So that this can help you if you forgot the pattern to unlock the computer.
You can access many features of XUS PC locking software by accessing the settings.

Here are some features of XUS PC locking software 

XUS-PC-LOCkYou can enable and disable the Autolock at Windows Startup  
And you can also set the Autolocking timing too
You can set the locking mode to three types of modes they are 
  • Normal unlock mode
  • Secure unlock mode
  • Dynamic unlock mode
Dynamic Unlocking mode can protect from the key loggers 
You can even lock the keyboard to stop attacking on your computer.
And you can set a custom alert message on your computer before accessing the computer to unlock.
You can also set the custom locking background and also can set the transparent background 
This is working fine on Windows 7 and Windows 8 I don't know about working on Windows XP and other Operating systems

Note that this is not going to make any changes to your default Windows locking system.

And Eusing Maze Locking Software also has the same features that the XUS PC Locking system has
You cane these software from here :-
  1. Eusing Maze locking software 
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