Saturday, 12 January 2013

How to Backup the Drivers Before formating the Windows Operating Systems

I got a small habit of frequently formatting my windows operating system. Before formatting my windows operating system I take a backup copy of all the files and some important programs .
But after completing installation of operating system and other essential programs on my computer then it is comes to the turn to install all the drivers

on my computer, which I hate to do, as some of the drivers are not that easy to find them.
And finally one day one of my friends had got a solution for this with simple softwares.
And here are the softwares which helps me while reinstalling my windows operating systems by taking a complete backup of the drivers and the even restoring them.
Here we shall go with this simple software i.e Double Driver.

Double Driver 

I love to use this software due to it's simple user interference. And this can work with any Version of Windows even with the latest Windows 8.
As Soon as you run the Double Driver you will be presented with a simple dashboard where you will be able to scan your system for taking backup of the drivers.

 Before scanning the system you will see two options for scanning the system i.e you can scan the current operating system( which you are using right now) and other option for scanning is for scanning the other operating system(i.e on the other partition on your computer) After scanning your system you will be also allowed to select the drivers individually for backup. 

Note that you must have Administrator rights for taking backup and resorting the drivers.
After selecting the drivers for backup hit on the left side button "Backup Now" As soon as you hit on backup now button you will be presented with a popup window with three different options for taking backup of your essential drivers they are 

Structured folder which is default option
Compressed folder
Single Executable file


If you don't want to experiment with your computer then choose the default option.
And now store the backup copy of the drivers by selecting the location for storage.
After successful completion of taking the backup of your driver. Start formatting your computer asusal.
And it is so easy when it comes to the turn for restoring the drivers in your newly installed computer.
You can restore the drivers by selecting the "Restore" option and locating the backup file.

You can download the Double Driver from the official website

And here are three more simple softwares similar to the Double Driver
1.    Semper Driver Backup
2.    Driver Backup 2!
3.    DriverMax


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