Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to Use Facebook in Different Colors with GreaseMonkey

Facebook-in-diffrent-colorsAre you Bored to use the Facebook in default Blue color and Are you willing to see the Facebook in multi colors.Then this post is for you. Start reading this post.

Here we are not going to use any rogue Facebook colorizer apps to change the fb theme color (As they are found to be fake and stealing the victims privacy).

Instead we are going to makeuseof the greasemonkey addon and the userscript created by "Rachster" Thanks to Rachster for letting us to change the color of the Facebook in just a few clicks.

Lets get started to change the color of your Facebook account.

Before getting started we need to get the Greasemoney add-on..for your Firefox Browser (I am going to use firefox in this tutorial).

You can get the Grease-monkey add-on from Here

After getting the add-on get the Facebook Pink User-Script written by "Ranchster" from Here. when you enter into this page you will be able to see the install button.

Hit on the Install button after completing the installation.
Open your Facebook account, you will be able to see the whole Facebook in pink color by default (If you are a Barbie girl you can continue with this default color)

And if you don't want pink color and would like to change to other color...

Then follow these simple steps to change the color to your own.

Before continuing to further steps we need to get the HEX code of your favorite color. Don't worry you can get the hex color code from here.....

After getting the color you are almost ready to change the color.

Hit on the grease monkey add-on located at the top right corner or Go to "Addon" page by using "ctrl+shift+A"  after going to the Addon page hit on the User Script tab where you will be able to see the list of the userscrpts installed on your firefox browser.


 Now select the Facebook pink and then Hit on the options button. As soon as you hit on the option button you will be promoted to edit the script in a separate window. If you are using the GreaseMoneky addon for the first time you need to set the text editor to open your scripts for editing.

Here you can change the pink color by editing or replacing #de264c with your own Hex color code. And now replace the color #fff3f6(Light pink)  with #fffff (white)

After replacing the color code everywhere in the script save it (Ctrl+S) and reload the Facebook page, After reloading you will be able to see the changes in color on your Facebook account

Note that this will not change your default color for ever. You can revert to original color on your computer by disabling the Facebook Color add-on.

If you want to see the Facebook in green color. You can get the modified code done by me from here


You can install this script after installing the Facebook Pink user script.

Open you Facebook pink script and hit on "Edit Script" now replace the whole code with code that I have created, And then save it and reload your Facebook page to see Facebook in green color!

Installing on Google Chrome also included in the video 


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