Friday, 8 February 2013

How to See the Internet in 3D format with Firefox

Yes you can now watch all the webpages on Internet in 3D format without help of any additional software and Geeks on Firefox 11 and above...
I love to surf Internet with Firefox than any other Web Browser you know why? Because You can do anything with it's powerful widgets and awesome add-ons.And it's accessibility.

And Here comes the Awesome feature with Firefox which lets you to see any webpage in 3D format. Firefox Developers had included a awesome browser technology which was made as inbuilt tool on Firefox. This technology tool lets you to convert any plain ordinary html webpage into 3D format webpage for viewing.

This tools comes very handy to the web developers to know the level of nesting the scripts and other codings on Webpage.And helps them to resolve the problems related to nesting in coding on webpage.

You can access to 3D view option from Firefox 11 and above versions. And note that viewing  the webpages in 3D view option on Firefox will not show if your computer do not support the WebGL. (To make your computer support for this you need to upgrade your computer graphic drivers.)
Here is a simple guide to use the Awesome 3D feature on your computer.
First Get the latest Version of Firefox on your computer. Then go to the "Firefox Menu"


Then navigate to the "Web Developer" and then to the Inspect option.
As soon as you hit the Inspect option on you will be able to select the block on your webpage. Now without selecting anything on the webpage look for the "3D View" option button at right side bottom corner.



As soon as you hit the "3D View" button on your webpage Firefox starts working on your webpage to convert the webpage into "3D format". You can use the left mouse button to See the Webpage in any direction and you can also Zoom the Webpage for deeper "3D detail.

If you don't want to access the "3D view  on your computer with Firefox just remember this shortcut key "Ctrl+Shift+I" which will directly take you to the last step in the above steps foe viewing the webpage in 3D format. You can come out of the "3D view" by hitting on "esc" button.


For more Features

If you want to access the more features of 3D on Firefox you can install the "Tilt" addon on your Firefox. 
Tilt is a Firefox browser add-on which lets you to convert the webpages to 3D in advanced way.

Now it is the time for us to create the 3D Glass of your own in 10 minutes.
All you need is to get a clean plastic sheet which lets you to see through it.After selecting the Plastic sheet for making you own 3D Glass you need to get the Blue-Red Markers. Now start coloring the plastic with Blue and Red Color Markers in eye shape and see through them!  You can really enjoy the "3D Internet"


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