Saturday, 9 February 2013

Five Top and Best Puzzle Games for Android

In today's technological world, everyone wishes to own all gadgets that can let him/her earn the tag of 'techie' person. Well, I am not sure about other gadgets, but yes, everyone wishes to own a smartphone for sure. Their fantasy is fulfilled by big G, Google's Android smartphones. The mid-range Android smartphones have made it possible for a person with low budget to be a part of growing technological world. 

If the Android smartphones have changed people's view about the mobiles replacing the old mobile phones that were meant for calling purposes only, then on the other side, Android is on its way to replace the gaming consoles as well. Yeah, many Android users prefer to play games on the go on their smartphone, rather than any portable/non-portable gaming console.

Talking about gaming, Puzzle games have always been a sea of fun for every gaming freak. If this is same for you, then Android can surely please you as its app store has got many puzzle games in it. Do check out the best puzzle games for Android, ahead.


 1) Cut The Rope



I am just in love with this game, and you might also be. Thumbs down, if you are not. 'Cut The Rope' is about doing the task as its name suggests. Yeah, you are required to cut the ropes to conquer the level. Come on, not any random cut, but cut in the way so that the monster tapped in the puzzle of ropes can reach its candy which is in front of him. If you complete the challenge, then you will be taken to next level. The objective is again same, but will more toughness and complexity. More fun, of course!

2)Draw Something Free



Again the name suggests what the game is all about. Run this game and start drawing any sketch on your Android's screen. Once you are done with drawing, set a puzzle for your friends. Ask them to guess the name of your 'meaningful' drawing. The serious ones might answer it right, but the naughty ones will answer with naughtiness, the meaningless answer, but good enough to make you and your friends laugh.

3)Triple Town



Would you like to construct buildings? Well, may be not possible in real life, but you can construct not only a single building, but a complete city in this game. Build as biggest city as you can and earn points for your hard and smart work. Combine three grass patches, and you will get a bush, combine 3 bushes and get a tree, and keep on going in this manner.

4)Where's my water



Dig the pipes by moving your character which is a duck, so as that the water coming out of the pipes can reach the alligator which is trapped and could not reach water itself. Be aware from his fellow alligators while playing the game.

5)100 Gates



Use the hints, clues and any other method :Drag, Shake, Touch the floor etc to open the door. Once you open the door, you will be taken to new level where you again need to open the door. But mind it! The difficulty and hence excitement will keep on following uptrend as you move on to high levels.

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