Friday, 12 April 2013

How to Make Money from Facebook Twitter and Google+ for Sharing Paid Content

Are you spending most of your time on your social networking sites, and have you ever thought of making money from Facebook,twitter and Google+ accounts then this post is for you to make some money from your social media accounts.

Do you know that Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are making money because of YOU! (When click on ads). Then why don't you make money for your sake from your Facebook,twitter and Google+.If you want to make some money from your social media accounts this is the right post for you.

Here comes the SOCIALLINKMART.COM a awesome website which lets you to make some decent money from Facebook, twitter and Google+ by sharing some paid content on your profile.(Don't worry all the content is safe.)

SocialLinkMart is a best place for the advertisers to find the real people sharing their content on their profiles. And this made the SocialLinkMart best place for the real people to make some money from Facebook,twitter, and Google+.

SocialLinkMart considers the Social influence score given by the KRED.COM to your profile. This lets the moderators at the SOCIALLinkMArt to find out the fake accounts easily.You must have minimum score of 350 in-order to participate in the SOCIALLINKMART program to make money from your account. And if you had good amount of KRED score (recommended 500) then you can ask for the special price for sharing the content on your profiles and note that the default prices will be set by the SocialLinkMArt staff.

Don't Worry if your KRED score is below 350 you can increase it by increasing your involvement on your social networking accounts.

And Here is the link to get register on the SOCIALLINKMART.COM And note that don't spam your profile with the paid content which is against the terms and conditions of the SOCIALLINKMART and the Social Networking Sites, if you spam your account your account will be banned from making money.

Note that before connecting your social account with Social Link Mart you need to connect your KRED account to determine the Social influence score.
And note that sharing the content on your profile must be done by the SOCIALLINKMART toolbar on your browser.

And let me know if you had any problem while registering your account with Hope you will love this service to make money from Facebook, twitter ans Google+


  1. Yes @technonuts this is really a cool idea to make some money and this is the only website for the advertisers to meet real people on Facebook, twitter and google +

  2. Simple and genuine way to earn some decent bucks :)

  3. Thanks @Pavan Somu anna for stopping by. and sharing your valuable experience with my Blog readers. Yes this is really a simple genuine and cool way to make money from Facebook twitter and Google+ accounts. And by the way anna How much did earn from SocialLinkMart ?. till today

  4. I appreciate you helping spread the word.;)

  5. As you know I was in vacation, I didn't try yet. Will move a step forward at free time.

  6. How shud i connect to KRED ???
    i'm facing problm to conect to KRED

  7. @bablu right now Social LinkMart is not bothering about Kred score and more over the payout is completely depeding on the SLM score given by social linkmart