Tuesday, 9 April 2013

How to Compress the files to maximum Extent with Best File Compressor

Here is a awesome tool to compress all your files to maximum size. There are many file compressor available on internet for free and for money but all do the same work to compress the files but KGB is a file compressor with compress the files to maximum
extent for free of charge. KGB file compressor tool lets you to compress any large file to maximum extent with high compression rate this feature made the KGB file compressor the best file compressor and unique from all other file compressor. And is also so easy to use this tool due to it's simple user interference.This tool also supports the the default archive format .zip and the archive made my this software will be in .kgb format.

KGB file compression tool compress your files without loosing quality and quantity of your data.The KGB file compressor tool uses PAQ6 compression algorithm to compress and the AES-256 Encryption technology to make archives encrypt.

You can get this file compressor from here  and from here

This tool is available for Microsoft Windows and LINUX operating Systems

Minimum System requirements to run KGB file compressor:

  • 256 MB RAM 
  •  1.5 GHz Processor.

After downloading the KGB File compressor, You can install the KGB file compressor to your desired location on your computer.

After installing the KGB file compressor on your computer you can run it so easily without help of any geek.



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