Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How To Download the Torrents From the Mobile

Hi we shall see now how to download the Torrents from the mobile.Few years back it  was so hard to download any thing from the mobile as they are too slow but the things are changed now and every one loves to download everything from their mobile as they have lighting speed Internet.

  Download from the Android Mobile

Computer-Internet-Blogging-TricksWe shall see how to download the file from torrents in the Android Mobile. As this OS is Being every where.
Transroid is a wonderful too for the Android mobile it helps in downloading the files from the Torrents from the Android itself...It Supports almost all the Torrent Clients like  Bit Torrent,u Torrents and many more.And the main option in this is we can run multiple Downloads and you can even check the speed and many more.......... You can get the Transorid from Here

Download from the Java Mobile

Computer-Internet-Blogging-TricksJava Mobile are the Basic Mobiles.They have so many limitations in terms of features....We can use the Mobitorrnet to download from the Java Mobile...As there memory is low in the Java mobile downloading is restricted to certain amount there fore you are allowed to download only the small amount of Torrents.
You can get the Mobi Torrent


Download from the Windows Mobile 

We have a wonderful tool i.e Wm Torrent it allows us to download from the almost all the Torrent clients it is not a free version of-course we can use the trial version.
We can download from here

And We can also Download from the Symbian Mobile. by using this tool

Best Mobile Optimized Search Site:

Many torrent sites have already optimized their websites and designs for mobile search. Not many of them spend time to produce a mobile version of their site. From all torrent sites we would like to underline the service TorrentDB that is created as very useful for mobile devices. The design was made similar to iPhone interface with round parts that provides better overview. The site has full database of all uploaded files to Bittorrent network and allows to download wished torrent in just few seconds.


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