Monday, 24 December 2012

Best Alternatives for Office on Android

It’s a huge disappointment, Microsoft doesn’t provide an Official app for Office in Android. However, here are a few Office apps on Android to let you work with Office documents. 

QuickOffice Pro

QuickOffice pro is one of the best apps on Google play store. It consists of various minified Office features. You can sync your presentation with your cloud storage accounts like SkyDrive, Dropbox e.t.c enabling you to access your documents from anywhere.

It also provides various vector packs as well as Templates in addition.

Docs to Go

Docs to Go is a full pledged alternative for Office. The professional (paid) version offers various innovative features and sports a complete set of editing features targeted for Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel Spreadsheets.

It also provides Cloud storage integration options as well.

Other Tools

If you can’t afford these premium apps, you can also use Free PowerPoint sharing tools like SlideOnline. They allow you to upload your presentation and share it with your friends through social sharing options. However, it doesn’t provide many editing options, you can use it to proof-read your presentations.

If you wish to edit Excel Spreadsheets, Google Docs would be your best choice. It provides a full set of features to edit cells, create formulas, table, configure widths. You can also insert a few chart types as well. You can also add others users as managers and collaborate with them.

It’s easy to work with Word Documents on Android. There are several editor apps which support Word Documents.

Benefits of using Android Apps

Of course these apps cannot stand much of a comparison with the PC version, but it’s really useful:

  • If you have a busy schedule with a lot of traveling to do.
  • To double-check your Documents to omit any errors before the final presentation
  • To edit your Documents on the go, from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

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