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Android vs. IOs: Which One Is Better?

Apple launched it's first iOS powered iPhone years ago, whereas, first Google Android powered cell phone came into market some little years ago later that that of Apple. Apple's iOS actually dominated the market for some time, as there was actually no platform that was a match for the powers of Apple's Great iOS

Apple's Great iOS Platform.

Android also was not much of a competitor in the early days. But after Google kept improving their Android platform, now it has become powerful enough to challenge the mighty IOs. Read on to find out which is the better platform. In general, both the platforms in question have their own advantages and disadvantages, and both are offering some great features.

Let’s first talk about Android. This platform has some really great key point features. The first is that this is an open source platform and is totally free.

Android supports nearly all the latest hardware features of cell phones. Messaging, Camera, 3rd Party Applications, Multimedia Support, 3D graphics and Networking are some key points here. It nearly supports everything that the latest cell phones are offering.  And due to the fact that it also happens to be an open source platform, there are virtually limited-less number of application in its store. Android has a great application store known as Play Store. This is the official application store of Android, and is definitely owned by Google. There are applications for everything in Play Store. For example, using an application called "Instant Heart Beat" you can easily check your heart beat without the need of any additional hardware. Android is also a great platform if you are looking for a budget cell phone. With so many cell phones powered by android these days, you can find an android powered cell phone at very good prices. Plus, a huge number of the applications on Android are free.
Now for Apple's iOS, this is also another really great platform out there. It offers all the features that Android offers, plus most of the applications in Google's Play Store are also in the app. store of iOS. Unlike the opponent, iOS is not open source. So only the Apple products (IPhone, IPad etc.) are powered by this platform. So it is quite costly to get a iOS powered device, as for the price of a IPhone 5 you can get like 2 Samsung Galaxy S3. So it is a very costly platform. Plus, most of the applications are paid applications on iOS. The official and only application store for iOS is Apple owner store known as "iTunes". All the applications for this platform can be found over iTunes. However, another disadvantage of iOS is that to even download a free application, you will need to attach a credit card to your iTunes account. It doesn't matters if you want to buy anything or not, credit card attachment is must. This is a big NO for a lot of people. In general, you can say that Apple is basically only targeting customers who spend much money on applications and cell phones in general. So iOS is quite costly platform.

Now after reading all the above, you can pretty much guess that I myself am a fan of Android platform. I am not saying that it is way better than iOS, I am just saying after looking everything with general views, it can be concluded that Android is a better platform for users. Off course it's the other way around for application developers.

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