Thursday, 20 September 2012

How to Add Couch Mode to Blogger for Better Reading Experience


 Couch Mode to Blogger

Adding Couch Mode to the blog will help the blog readers to improve reading experience on your Blog Readers with out any strain...Adding a Couch Mode to Blogger so easy you don't need to add any additional  Scripts and make any changes to your Blogger Template... Couch Mode to Blog will Disable all the Ads and the Widgets on your Blog and will  provide only Text,Images,and Videos.
To add this You just need to provide some links to your Blog Readers....You can offer
couch mode to your blog readers in different styles.....(Readers can also choose the style)
Have look at my blog's Couch Modes
You need offer the links to your blog readers in this format
Before offering the couch mode to your Blog readers you need to make to make a change in your blog's feed 
Go to your Blogger Template and add the "Settings":---"Other"---->and then Select the "Allow Blog Feed" and change to "Full"......
Note that this is offered to only the blog's hosted on the blogspot.....

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