Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How to Read the E-books On FireFox and Chrome With .ePub

 Day by day reading of eBooks,Magazine and Newspapers is increasing because of the tabs and Smart Phones everyone likes to read the eBooks

ePub is a one of the format for the eBooks.....This format is used by the Magazine and Newspapers as this format can support many display dimensions.....It can automatically adjust to the any device that you are using to read....

But one thing is that it is not  possible to open the files with .epub on your computer browser unless you have the extension on your browser....This epub reader extension for the Firefox and the chrome will make possible to read the Magazine and Newspaper and they give the reading experience of Tab and the Kindle

Here are Add-Ons (extensions) for the Firefox and Chrome:

MagicScroll (Chrome)
This tool will help you to read the eBook in your Chrome Browser....to get this click here....
When you have completed downloading the Add-On to your Chrome Browser restart the Browser and  Logon to this Website: magicscroll.net
After going to this Website You will be able to see the eBooks in library...Add your  book to the eBook to your Library....You can add the eBook to library in to options 1.You can add the epub book from the computer.
2.You can provide the link to epub.....

EPUB Reader for Firefox:
If your are using the Firefox get this add-on from here
After downloading the add-on to your Browser restart the browser....
After finishing the installation of add-on you can see a sign beside the address bar
when you hit on the sign you will be taken to the library where you can find more no of ebooks from archive.org and feedbook.com for free of cost


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