Saturday, 15 September 2012

Install Wordpress site on Local Computer


You can Install the top Blogging platform on your local computer by using the simple Xampp tool....It is so easy to install the WordPress on your computer It takes not more than 10 minutes in installing the WordPress Site on your Local Computer.....

Getting Started:

Installing WordPress on the Local computer with Xampp is so easy....You need to get the Xampp for this purpose and you also need to get the Latest version of  WordPress Script .

  1. First extract the both the files Xampp and the WordPress into your local drive......
  2. And then go to the Xampp folder and search for the "setup_Xampp" a batch file
  3. And then click any button to close the window.....
  4. After closing the window again open the "Xampp_Start"
  5. After open it don't close it directly.....You need to run the "Xampp_Stop"
  6. The window closes automatically 
  7. Now Run the "Xampp_Control"  and check the two boxes with "Apache"and "MySql" and hit on the "Start"
  8. After Running the "Apache" and "MySql" open your Browser and enter the following Address "http://localhost/xampp/
  9. Now you will be promoted to choose the language.....
  10. After selecting the language you will be presented with the "xampp" dashboard
  11. In dashboard hit on the "Security" in the "Security" window you will be presented with a link "http://localhost/security/xamppsecurity.php/"
  12. Hit on the link now you will be promoted to change the Password of the "Mysql" the default password is "root"
  13. You can choose your own password 
  14. After changing the password open the "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
  15. There login with the Username "root" and your new password created....
  16. After loging in click on the"Databases" and create a database with name "WordPress" and "Choose the "Collation" in the drop down menu right side
  17. After creating the Database you will see the message that database has been created.....
  18. Now minimize your Browser and copy the Wordpress Script"(Extracted)
  19. into the folder named"htdocs"
  20. after coping has completed open your browser and type the following address "http://localhost/wordpress/
  21. then choose the Wordpress
  22. After choosing the WordPress create a configuration file with your "Mysql" username and the "MySql" password
  23. and your wordpress site is created........


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