Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How to Unblock the Blocked Sites in Multiple Ways



Unblock the Blocked Sites  in Multiple Ways.....

Here are some simple ways to access the blocked websites from your own computer.. with out help of any geek....
We shall now see How to accesses to the blocked websites in multiple ways

1.Using the IP address:

Before trying this all ways you can try by entering the ip address of the website for ex: instead of typing the full address http://www.facebook.com enter the ip address like this
you can even use the short links from services like goo.gl and bit.ly which will redirect to the website


We all Know that Google is that fastest search engine....To maintain this position Google is going to save a copy of the website in it's cache to speed up the it search results.....and we are going to use this cache to access the blocked the website
to try this just type "cache:site name" in the Google Search Box...And now you can get the access to the blocked website...

3..Using the DNS Servers:

Using the DNS servers is also one of the best way to access the blocked content on your computer...The main purpose of Using the DNS Servers is to Increase the Browsing Speed.....
What does the DNS Server do?
We know that DNS servers speed up the browsing speed but how? ......The answer is here.....DNS servers are going to index all the domains of the websites on the internet with their specific Internet Protocol address(ip address).....When you enter the domain in the browser  it is going to look for the ip address of that website....which takes some time inorder to save this time DNS servers are used.....!
By default the Internet Service provider will assign their own default  DNS server.....
Here when an Internet Service Provider wants to block any website they just deindex(remove) the website's domain or ip address....from the DNS server
So we are going to use some free,fast and public dns servers to access the blocked websites...there are so many dns servers for this purpose.....to know how to assign the Google dns and open DNS click here....
here are some free public dns servers /

4.Using Proxy Services:

Proxy the name itself suggest that it allows you to access to internet from other computer connected to the internet some where in the world...this is not secure way to access the web as they can track you...they can even place some adds while surfing the web which is annoying these are not safe for banking and while making any transaction offcourse there are some paid proxy services which can encrypt your data.....
Here are some free proxy website:

And you can even create your own proxy website with WordPress blog.....

and there are many ways to access the blocked content on Internet but which are not safe therefore I am not sharing on my blog( I want to keep my blog readers on safe side from being  hacked and tracked by others)

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