Tuesday, 11 December 2012

3 Ways to Make Your Windows 8 Computer Faster Than You Think

Well as we all know that windows 8 is one of the latest computer with a good OS in the world, with this I think it should be one of the fastest OS in the world also. Although there are also some computers that has a very fast OS than it, then are you ready to make your computer faster than them or do you want them to be on the same level? If yes then you have gotten to the place your problem or the place you would get a solution to that.

In other for you make your windows 8 computer OS work faster them, then follow this guideline diligently without omitting any word or any step. There are “THREE” steps below, by follow those steps you would get what you are here for.
Step #1

Delete Every Thing That You Have On Your Recycle Bin

This one of the things that would make your computer feel very heavy because, while deleting the file or videos that are not useful to you they would all go into the recycle bin and would be stalled inside it, after sometimes if your recycle bin is full with load your system would start hanging and that would course your computer to have a slow capacity, I am writing this topic with experience, I am having a 2GB RAM on one of my minilaptop. The only thing I saw that is good on the computer is the battery the battery can last for at least 14hrs but that not the only thing, the worse part of it is that the computer is deadly slow that I can’t open more than two tabs on it, then one day I started working on it then my mind told me to check my recycle, I saw that my laptop has more than 300 files on my computer, then I deleted them all, within some minute after I have finish emptying by recycle bin I restarted it, then I felt much difference on it.
In other words, what I am trying to say is that, you always have to recycle your bin when necessary for you to do so.
Step #2

Increasing The Ram On Your Computer

This would change your computer’s functionality without wasting of anytime, it won’t take you any much time rather it would only take some of your money, having a new RAM that is faster than that on your PC would help your computer work any how you like, because you can add any amount of Ram on your PC depending on the amount the hard drive is.
For instance you have a 2GB RAM and 320 hard drive on your computer and you want to put another RAM on it, the RAM you want to put on it must not be more than 4GB RAM unless you want your computer to crash within some few days you have changed the RAM on it.
This would help you to increase the performance of your PC within a twinkle of an eye. It is really effective.
Step #3

Get Rid Of Any Virus That Is On Your Computer

One of your computers great enemies is MR VIRUS, virus can damage your computer at any time, but there is a solution to it in other for you to overcome it. You can easily get a very nice and quality anti-virus that would guide your computer till when you are tired of using your computer or tired of using the anti-virus software.
With the anti-virus software you can get rid of any kind of virus or malware neither spyware on your computer.
Kind Of Anti-Virus You Can Install On Your Computer
1. Avast Anti-Virus
2. Norton Anti-Virus
3. Kaspersky Anti-Virus
4. ESET NOD 5 Anti-Virus
5. Bitfender Anti-Virus
6. AVG Anti-Virus
7. Panda Cloud Anti-Virus
8. Comdo Anti-Virus
9. Avira Anti-Virus
10. PC tools Anti-Virus

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