Friday, 21 December 2012

Best Platform For Online Content Promotion : Facebook or Google Plus ?

Nowadays internet plays a vital role in most of our lives.

We do many chores through internet. We buy stuffs through internet,we sell stuffs through internet and we earn through internet too !!

Yes, internet has influenced many people to start online business and earn.But it isn't as easy as it seems. Mainly when you are new,and you want more people to consider your blog/article.

But how to gain maximum popularity ?


the main source of popularity is the social media's.

Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter,Pintrest etc.

There are many of them, but why many only consider Facebook and Google Plus?

In the case of Facebook, it is surely the largest social media with more than 900 million active users worldwide. And about Google Plus, which claimed to pass 500 million users weeks ago, are in the warfare .

So today I am going to discuss the importance of these social media's for online  promotion

Online Promotion : Facebook or Google Plus ?


First let's discuss factors in Facebook that help us get more page views for our articles and visitors to our Blog:-

Viral views and Tags, when someone likes your posts in your Facebook Fan Page,it automatically reaches the home feeds of their friends. Which means when you target your fans, you're targeting a wide arena of people. Similar

Facebook Groups and Help Centers,when you share your articles in other Facebook Groups, people visit your blog if they feel your article good. The same way, when you post in Help Centers the person in need of help views your article and also refers your article to someone in the same situations.

Shares, Facebook shares play a vital role in gaining popularity. But normal people just don't share your articles. They need to be unique,well written and should have some different kind of topic.

I like the design and layout of Facebook very much. It looks a bit primitive but is easy.

Now it's time to talk about Google Plus :-

What I like about Google Plus is that they have the Public option, which enables you to reach a lot more number of people with a single click. But at all times, it doesn't prove worthy because of privacy settings. But still, this can work.

I think you get a lot more number of active people in Google Plus. So if you focus on time schedule, you may succeed in bringing a lot more traffic to your blog.

People in Google Plus gives a lot more shares and views to posts that deal with daily life,day-to-day happenings and politics. If your blog is technology based, simple gadget reviews or late updates can't prove worthy.

If you are new to Google Plus, or haven't tested all it's features yet, you may not get all the essence that a blogger might need.

Who Wins : Facebook or Google Plus ?

This is a tricky one.

Both can be proven worthy if you utilize it in the proper way. When you post your content in social media's especially Google plus and Facebook, you need to bother about your content, the time to post etc. and be confident about your topic. You should always be in touch with your fans and receive their feedback regularly  so that they give a value for you and your blog.


Akhil-PulotiAkhil Pulotil is the guy behind Tech Ghoul. He is a 17 year old boy from India. His primary interests is on gadgets and technology. He loves to write articles on technology,gadgets and blogging.He also publishes articles as a guest author in few blogs.


  1. Hi, Akhil my friend .. nice post.I am totally agree with your all points :-) yes its true that these both social network plays an important role increase our traffic most of the referral visits are coming from this both the giant social network...
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