Monday, 24 December 2012

Best and Must Android Apps for Bloggers

Gadgets are very important in a blogger's life to reduce his/her work load. While talking about the gadgets, smartphones stand at the top of queue. If you are also a blogger and are having an Android smartphone/tablet with you, then you would be pleased to know that there are many apps developed to help you in your blogging work. Well, as you might already know that 'Smart
Work' is what the most important requirement to get success in blogging. Therefore you must use your Android in your blogging related tasks.
Android in blogging related tasks? How is it possible? The answer is 'Apps'. There are many apps in Google Play, related to blogging. Let us have a look at the best out of them.


Undoubtedly, the WordPress is the best blogging platform used by most of the bloggers. It handles around 17 percent of total websites on the web. This count is enough to show the popularity of this blogging platform. If you are also having your blog on WordPress, then you must download their official Android app on your Android device. The Android app enables you to do the basic blogging tasks like save titles, edit posts, check the comments, reply to readers' comments etc. These tasks otherwise may eat lot of your valuable time, but with the Android app, you can do the tasks while on the move.

If you are having your blog on popular blogging platform by the search engine giant Google, the 'Blogger', then you can blog on the go by downloading the official Blogger app on your Android. There are many people who prefer 'Blogger' over 'WordPress', and if you also come among them, 'Blogger' is must have app on your Android device to do the tasks like save titles, edit posts etc. on the go. Available for free download in Google Play.

Social media plays a vital role in your blog's online reputation and traffic. While talking about social networking websites, Facebook is undoubtedly the best, and being a blogger, you must stay active on this social networking giant. Doing so from PC or laptop is near to impossible, but yes, you can do so from Android device as it stays with you always. Facebook's official Android app lets you to stay active on your Facebook account and to do all the things that you normally do in Facebook, right from your Android device, while on move.

Google Analytics is the best way to track the traffic on your website/blog. You can download the official Google Analytics app on your Android device, and can check your blog's traffic stats, whenever you want, where ever you want, from your Android device.

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  1. Social media plays a vital role in your blog's online reputation
    and traffic.

  2. Yes Marry Andorson Social media is playing vital role in promoting my blog and building the online reputation

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