Saturday, 22 December 2012

Infographic Description:-The grinch who stole data

Info graphic Description: Life in the modern world is quite a technical one, and hence getting very dependent on technology. Where once we used to be thrilled by the idea of Christmas presents, now we would rather pour over holiday season apps or Christmas colored earphones for our music players and laptops. And since the season of joy and merriment is arriving, along with the
Christmas cheer comes a new Grinch, one fit for the modern world. This one thrives on making us miserable as did the fictional one but with an assorted edge. The sneering green critter and his cronies have made it a priority to ruin our joy and happiness by plotting day and night to get their hands on our precious data. For this they come armed with key-loggers, backdoor exploits, and other ingenious hacking methods. What is sad is that despite having many data security firms attempt to stop the attacks, they haven’t ceased, rather it seems they have doubled and one Grinch after the other has continued to terrorize internet users. Needless to say, the data industry is in a fix and just about anyone and everyone’s personal data is at stake here. The Data Breach 2012 Investigations report explores this further Data-Theft


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