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Remote Control Your Computer with Email or SMS

Sometimes a situations arise in which we want to remote control our Personal Computer. Many remote control softwares like teamviewer provide facilities to control a personal computer from any part of the world. But these softwares have some drawbacks that they
need a computer to control your personal computer. They can’t provide services like control Personal Computer with Email or SMS.
So here’s the million dollar Question? How to control your Personal Computer via sms or Email.
There is a application named “TweetmyPC” which provides remote control from mobile phones and other internet connected computers.

Things you require to remote control a Personal Computer:

1) A Windows Installed Computer with Internet connection.
2) Tweetmypc application installed on it.
3) A twitter account.
4) A mobile phone with internet connectivity.

How to Remote control a PC with Tweetmypc:

1) First Install Tweetmypc application on your windows computer. You can download Tweetmypc from here.

2) Associate your twitter and Gmail account with Tweetmypc.

Your Basic configuration is done. Now its time to configure your twitter account.

To Remote control a Computer via SMS:

You can send associate Tweets with mobile phone (see listof numbers) and then control your remote computer via SMS Text Messages.

To Remote control a Personal Computer via Email:

To remote control a PC with Email you have to associate a Twitter account with Posterous (auto-post) and all email messages sent to will therefore become commands for the remote computer.

What things You can control with Tweetmypc:

Tweetmypc is a great application which offers you a great set of events that can be controlled remotely.

Some of the commands for tweetmypc are

1) ShutDown: To shutdown a pc remotely just write Shutdown and update your tweet via a mobile phone or web-browser.

LogOff : To LogOff a pc remotely just write LogOff and update your tweet via a mobile phone or web-browser.

Screenshot: You can also take a Screenshot of current instance of a pc by just tweeting Screenshot on twitter.

Download: To Download any file remotely via your home computer just update a tweet with Download <Download Path> and your download will be start immediately.

GetFile : You can also transfer any file from remote computer to your current computer by just updating your tweet with GetFile <file path> .

How Tweetmypc works:

Tweetmypc is a great application which continuously monitors your twitter account for any desktop commands. When it finds a tweet with a desktop command, it simply executes that on remote computer.

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