Saturday, 26 January 2013

How to Convert and Save the WebPages into Audio Format

Convert-Webpage-into-AudioAfter along time I had come with a wonderful tool to convert the Whole page post into an Audio (MP3) Format. This service lets you to listen to your favorite post on any blog and save them to your computer locally for listing at later time in MP3 format

This is a wonderful service is provided by SoundGecko in two plans (Free and Paid). To listen the webpages in your music palylist.

Lets get started to see here how to convert the webpage into audio format by using the SoundGecko

As soon as you launch on you will be presented with a simple and user friendly Interference where you will be allowed to convert any webpage into Audio (MP3) Format.

First create a account in SoundGecko (You can choose the free account or Paid account)
 First get the url of your favorite post which you want to listen later.After getting the url paste the url in the first box and then email ID in the second box.

After filling these two simple boxes hit on the listen button. As soon as you hit on the this simple listen button you will be redirected to the webpage with SoundGecko's audio playing floating bar on that webpage. You can listen to that website by staying on the same webpage and you can also download the audio format to your device.

SoundGecko offer many other features to convert your favorite pages into audio format automatically by adding the Custom RSS feed in the Account settings-> Website feed tab
You can also set a custom voice to your webpage in audio format. SoundGecko lets you to link your online storage, So that the converted webpages can be automatically uploaded to your online storage. SoundGecko Supports the Three popular online storages  1. Google Drive 2.Sky Drive and 3.  DropBox

You can also get the plugin to your Google Chrome Browser to convert the webpages into Audio for free.

SoundGecko is also available for different popular mobile platforms like Android, Windows Phone, iPhone.

You can access the pro feature for just 2.50$/month
If you wanna make your blog readers to listen your blog post you can add this small script to your blog. And make them to listen!
<a href=""
var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],
g=(typeof window.SoundGecko != 'object')?window.SoundGecko:null;
if (g != null){
} else {
If your on Wordpress you can get the plugin from Here


  1. Really nice and informative post. it helps greatly.

  2. Thank you Ashish Gill for your valuable feedback.