Monday, 28 January 2013

Top Five Iphone Apps for the College Students

Today the method of education has been completely changed to what it was a decade ago. The development of latest handheld gadgets accompanied by different useful apps has increased the productivity of the college students enormously. Now students can achieve greater results with few efforts just by
utilizing the different the technology intelligently. However there are some iPhone apps specially designed to facilitate the students to increase their productivity. Let’s check out Top 5 iPhone Apps for the College Students. 

iTunes U

You can consider iTunes U app as an online digital library where you can get your course materials, lectures, presentations and other related content. It is very amazing to see the wide variety topics & volume of material available on the single platform.  The inbuilt web based course management tool enables you to gather all material for a particular course in different formats (Documents, presentations, PDFs etc).

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez pro work as a planning & scheduling app for the students. This tool allows you to include your class schedule with room and teacher. You can also add your upcoming assignments in order to ensure the timely submission. Istudiez pro also enables you to track your grades of each and every module. This app has a built-in ability to remind you about you about your exams or assignments few days before (as per your setting).

Study Buddy

It is very hard for the students to keep their focuses stick to the books in this technology overwhelmed era. There are so many things from YouTube to facebook and from reply text messages to watching tv that distract your mind during studies. So here comes the Study buddy app. This is the best app to overcome your distractions at most affordable price (only $0.99). This app records your distractions on a “Graph of Study efficiency” whenever you answer the call or diverts to something else, hence making it possible for you to increase your efficiency.


You will be well aware of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines where you can search anything. However it is the fact that searching a specific topic on these search engines usually takes a lot of time. For students time is money and therefore you need a search engine which gives you accurate result quickly. Dunno is an app used as a search engine. When you will search for any topic on Dunno; so you will find related pictures, best related articles and related discussions. This means dunno can be very productive for the students.


Student life is tough part of your life from the finance view point. You have small amount of money in your pocket but numerous avenues to spend. Here you require an app that works as you finance assistant. Mint app is personal finance app that offers you an easy way to create budgets. You can easily track of your transactions to ensure strict control over expenditures.

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